Enterprise solution.

Small Business.

Attendance System with RFID machine

  • Payroll System
  • Offer/Quotation/Tender/LME Making System
  • Invoicing System
  • Accounting System (GAAP/Sch 6 std) like Tally features fully web based multibranch multilocation with cost
  • centers.
  • Material Purchase System (MRP)
  • Inventory/stores management system
  • Sales Ordering System
Enterprise solution.

POS system.

  • POS-Online web based POS System
  • Mobile Ordering System
  • Visitor Management System.
  • Pharmacy Retail outlet POS based Billing and inventory management system
  • Laundry POS based Billing management system.
  • Hair Saloon POS based Billing management system.
  • Enterprise Portal System.
  • Transporter Vehicle management system.
  • Temple Donation and Prasad management system
  • Handheld based order taking and billing system for Restaurants(Handheld cost extra)
  • Handheld based billing, payment collection and goods distribution system from warehouse
  • to retail outlets for FMCG products (Handheld cost extra)
Education Sector.

  • Training / admission / delegate / student/ tutor management system.
  • Library management system.
  • Document Management System.
  • Attendance System with RFID machine.
  • Student self service Portal for Leave application, To do List and daily reporting.
Manufacturing Sector
Statutory Report System.

  • Indian VAT/Excise/ST Statutory Reporting System.
  • Indian PF/Gratuity/ESIC/Form16/Professional Tax management system.
Construction Sector.

  • Subcontract Purchase System (With Material and/or Labor and/or machinery)
  • Land/Property Purchase and document Management system
  • Property Maintenance Management system
  • Construction Estimation and Rate Analysis system
  • Construction Progress control, Subcontractor Invoicing and bill passing system
  • Advances based Sales Ordering system
  • Auction based Sales Ordering system
  • Construction Marketing and Sales document management system.
Print Media.

  • News Print Advertisement collection and dealer commission management system
  • Dealer Self Service based Sales network management system
  • ASP/DSP Self service based Service Network management system
  • Content Management System
  • Network Marketing Commission and sales recording system
  • Print Media Distribution and Billing Management system